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Truly amazing sense of community, both in the gym and by supporting non profits in the community such as Danny Deitz Foundation and Sheild616. A culture that is excepting of all levels and all people, not just the incredible staff, but also the members. Excellent trainers, who are both super fun, engaging and knowledgeable. They learn you--your capabilities, your goals, when to push and when to encourage. Having clinics to help with many aspects of health, such as nutrition or work on a specific movement, in addition to regular classes​.

Rachel C. February 17, 2017 

LFT is constantly changing up the workouts so it's impossible to get bored or in a rut. They truly know what it takes to make progress. The community in this gym is unlike any I've experienced.  I've made so many friends and gotten other friends to join with me. They even hold community events to raise money for organizations which makes the workouts so much more than just about you.

Stephanie A. June 24, 2018


Member Transformations

Iron sharpens iron

For those that decide to step foot into the BOOM room will embark on a journey that will change their life for the better. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, become a better athlete, live healthier; becoming part of the #1 Denver gym community sets you up to succeed from day one. Our members have done it, and we hope they inspire you to begin your own transformation.

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Become a part of the #1 rated gym in Denver! Our members (BOOMers, as we say) are the core of the LFT community and the driving force that makes Live for This: Fitness the best gym in Denver. Try a class for free and workout with the most empowering gym community in Littleton, Colorado.

Our certified coaches provide an all-inclusive environment for everyone that enters.  If you need to be pushed, they will push you.  If you need to be encouraged, they will encourage you. Whether you are an inspired beginner or an experienced gym veteran, LFT coaches possess the expertise necessary to challenge you and get you results. We believe fitness is important, but the support system you utilize to achieve your goals is KEY!

Zach Gonzales

 "Coach Gonzo"

Lance Gardner

"Coach LG1 Lance"

Loni Huston-Eizenga

"The Executioner"


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